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Revera is New Zealand’s cloud services leader.

Clients depend on our Homeland® Cloud services platforms and data centre network to perform.

Our work is everywhere: workplace productivity tools on tablets, development environments where new software takes shape, platforms that run enterprise systems, virtual capacity that comes to life on command.   

When performance is everything, Revera keeps your business at its best.


Revera Vault

Store petabytes, pay public cloud prices. It’s cloud storage your way.

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Revera Apollo

Azure enabled platform services from Revera's Homeland Cloud.

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Revera's story

See the future and build it.

Fifteen years ago Revera founders Roger Cockayne and Wayne Norrie – then Hitachi Data Systems managers – saw the future and built a ‘one-to-many’ IT services platform.

Rather than sell storage ‘boxes’, they built a shared platform that clients used to provision and manage their own IT.

It was the genesis of New Zealand’s cloud infrastructure build-out.

Even then, Roger, the technologist, talked about data clouds, floating data, and enlivening systems wherever clients fancied.

Turns out he was right.

Revera was born, clients came and the company grew and developed.

Today, Revera is regarded as New Zealand’s cloud services leader.

Now, a new chapter is being written, as Revera, with new owner Spark (formerly Telecom), develops the next generation of virtual IT systems and cloud services to support new ways of working and connecting.


Truth, honesty, and a voice from the heart.

Our clients understand the value of Revera’s culture, which is founded on truth. (Revera comes from a Latin term for ‘in truth’).

When so much IT is virtual and packaged in abstract formats, like cloud services, you've got to trust providers to be there, always, and tell it to you straight. 

The buck stops with people.

Revera’s people always front up.

They’re there when you need them and give you the real story – not just what they think you want to hear.

Revera rocks

Revera rocks symbolise truth. Every staff member – even customers and partners – owns a Revera rock.

The significance of rocks is captured in a story told by Revera co-founder Roger Cockayne, who, in his younger days, misspent his youth at the beach.

Legend has it that certain surf lifesavers sat on a rock behind the surf break. It was the best place for rescuing bathers. The rock held special significance as a place where only truth was spoken; where outrageous claims about drinking and girlfriends were tested for truth. No one ever told a lie when they sat on the rock.

Revera rocks serve the same purpose. They represent truth, honesty and the voice from the heart. Not just the absence of lies, but truth from the soul.

Exec team

Robin Cockayne

Chief Executive Officer

Robin Cockayne

Robin steers the business and continued expansion of Revera’s Homeland Cloud service platforms. A passionate leader, he has been on Revera’s senior leadership team since 2005. 

Sri Gazula

Chief Operating Officer

Sri Gazula

Sri is responsible for overall Operations, Business Transformation and Client Engagement as well as establishing Strategic Partnerships with vendors. Sri has more than 20 years’ experience in ICT including various senior leadership roles in both public and private sector organisations.



Mike Walls

National Manager - Professional Services

Mike Walls

Mike oversees Revera professional services & portfolio including client consulting, solutions,  transitions, projects and Revera product management. Mike has held senior positions in project and consulting with IT service providers and public and private sector organisations.

Chris Fairfield

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Fairfield

Chris has more than 20 years’ experience in general and financial management. Before joining Revera in 2010 he was general manager of a global chemical manufacturer.

Troy Myer

General Manager - Business Development

Troy Myer

Troy oversees Revera business development and channel management, including the all of government relationship. For the past decade he has held senior positions in project and operational management for both IT service providers and large organisations.


Jason Porter

General Manager - Technical Operations

Jason Porter

Jason is responsible for technical delivery and the 24x7 operations and management of Revera’s Homeland Cloud and services platforms. Jason has spent a big chunk of his 20-plus year career in IT services provision.


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