Revera on Govt IaaS win: “We’ve stuck to our knitting”

Auckland, 25 October 2011 – A decision 10 years ago to complete a business u-turn and change a product centric business to computing infrastructure services has put Revera at the sharp end of Government’s strategy for technology infrastructure-as-a-service.

Revera has won the final selection in the Government Infrastructure-as-a-Service tender, run by lead agency Department of Internal Affairs.
Revera general manager business development Robin Cockayne said the company’s singular focus on computing infrastructure and an IT service model delivering infrastructure dial tone put it at the industry forefront at the right time.

“Obviously we’re delighted to play a role in Government strategy for technology infrastructure-as-a-service. That’s our sweet spot. Computing for the big end of town is all we’ve ever done. Twenty years ago it was big iron storage design and deployment, but 10 years ago we saw the future and created a computing services model that brought people and businesses to the big iron,” he said.

“We’ve stuck to our knitting, refined our services platform, and substantially expanded through the establishment of a local data centre network and development of management controls and workflow automation delivering on-demand infrastructure and platform services,” Cockayne said.

“Revera operates New Zealand’s largest IaaS platform, and it is testament to the focus and foresight Revera has applied to be awarded the opportunity to play an integral role in the all of government initiative” he said.

“Perhaps it is our high ratio of engineers to sales people that we’ve contained our excitement to pure infrastructure and systems making it easy for people to buy and scale,” Cockayne said.

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