The power behind Revera's Homeland Cloud 

Intelligent data centre networks have superseded single monolithic data centres.

That’s because an intelligent data centre network gives you more options – and better protection.

Instantly activate servers and applications at an alternative Revera Homeland data centre; or manage production systems at one data centre, and testing and development at another.

However you choose to manage your systems and data, Revera’s Homeland Cloud lets you command a fleet of synchronised data centres and platforms, all based here in New Zealand.

Our services - and your systems and data - are connected by carrier-diverse MPLS networks, and geo-diverse peering with Telecom Global Gateway, Vodafone, APE and WIX. 

It’s a smarter way to manage your critical services and IT infrastructure, and buffers the effects of regional disasters and unplanned outages.

Virtual Data Centre

Your own slice of cloud-calibre utility infrastructure.

Revera’s VDC platform is the engine that drives our Homeland Cloud services.

In the same way large-scale power generators keep the lights on in our homes, Revera’s VDC platform keeps IT services performing to meet the demands of individual clients.

We use hypervisors, automation, and orchestrators to virtualise and provision services from compute farms and storage networks.

This giant pool of on-demand capacity is blanketed with security, networking and management controls that provide clients with their own discrete pool of computing resource.

The final piece is replication.

Every Homeland data centre houses Revera’s VDC platform, which standardises our offerings across the entire Homeland network.

It makes things consistent and simple, and accelerates the activation of client services and applications at alternative Homeland data centres.