We are the cloud services provider others claim to be.

Cloud calibre - nothing less 
Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. You don’t have a reliable cloud without a bare minimum of three local synchronised data centres offering tick-box services to get the protection your services need. Revera’s Homeland Cloud operates a synchronised network of six New Zealand-based data centres. 

The data centres we build and operate house individual Type-R Eco-Pods that deliver granular control to high-density computing environments. They’re more efficient and reliable.

Local ownership, local focus 
You'll never be stranded. Your data is here. And you can always talk to the people who deliver your services. 

Experts by any standard 
Our cloud services and infrastructure draw on over 20 years of big iron solutions design and deployment. We know what we’re doing – so you can turn your focus to business. 

Occasionally the ground shakes and our volcanoes smoke. The close proximity of our major metro areas to the coast presents further risks. Revera's nationwide fleet of networked data centres mitigates them.

Where you WON'T find Revera's Homeland data centres: flight paths, tsunami risk areas, volcanic eruption zones, and sandy foundations. Our Type-R data centre controls use less energy to maintain stable data centre temperatures.

Mad about service 
The last thing clients want is inattentive overseas-based management decision-making. As a New Zealand owned and operated service provider, Revera support really is 24x7x365. When there’s an issue, you deal with a local support team who understands your technical and business needs, and works in your time zone. 

Fresh thinking
We're famous for solving complex problems in new ways. You see it in our big stuff, like Revera’s Type-R Eco-Pods, and so-called smaller things, like pricing flexibility. We’re not interested in same-old. We deliver what’s required, not what’s on the shelf. 

The right attitude
We love what we do and making a positive difference to clients. We don’t just go through the motions – everything is done enthusiastically, honestly, and with integrity. It mightn’t sound like a big deal, but our clients will tell you that it is.

Winning culture 
From day one we’ve broken the mould. We live by truth, transparency and humility. Ask us about our Rock culture.