Revera Apollo readies PHO for agile future

Western Bay of Plenty PHO virtualises infrastructure with Revera’s Azure-enabled in-country cloud, Apollo

Western Bay of Plenty PHO’s IT team of just three must deliver maximum bang for buck. With tin off its hands, the team has set its sights on improving processes and customer-facing services.

Administering services delivery to approximately 162,000 enrolled patients, WBOP is one of the country’s mid-sized PHOs. And like many modest-sized organisations, its IT systems heaved under weighty workloads, stifling IT modernisation.

Grant Ardern was hired to turn things around. As CIO, his first move consolidated the PHO's databases in a data warehouse, helping streamline analysis and reporting for administrative functions covering 28 medical practices under the PHO’s umbrella.

Then he turned to infrastructure.

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“New technology is a far easier proposition when it’s costed as a service rather than as CAPEX.”

Grant Ardern, CIO, Western Bay of Plenty PHO