Azure Stack by CloudCreator

Design, build, and run your Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud ecosystem

Design, build, and run your Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud ecosystem

Azure Stack by CloudCreator

Launch apps from the cloud CIOs love

Build and manage apps and workloads close to home – and run them here or in Azure public cloud. Simple.

Launch apps from the cloud CIOs love
Azure Stack by CloudCreator


Get the best from hybrid cloud

schedule Work faster in the hybrid cloud

Moving applications and data between Azure Stack by CloudCreator and Azure public cloud is a breeze. There’s no need to change a thing, because everything works the same way.

home Keep it local, when you must

Manage sensitive applications and data locally – and use Azure public cloud when your sovereignty rules allow. Worried about latency? Not now. Azure Stack by CloudCreator gives you the keys to shift apps and workloads closer to your customers, wherever they are in the world.

filter_drama Work to a global standard

Azure Stack by CloudCreator shares the same user interface and APIs with Azure public cloud. Managing your hybrid cloud couldn’t be easier.

wifi_tethering Keep your technology options open

Azure Stack by CloudCreator natively supports a range of common web and development technologies such as .NET and PHP.

Linux and Windows virtual machines

Supporting Linux and Windows Server, Azure Stack by CloudCreator virtualises a wide range of computing solutions for development and testing, running applications, and extending your data centre.


We’ve got your storage bases covered, with Blobs for unstructured data; Tables for rapidly changing data; and Queues for asynchronous processing.


Make the most of your networking options, with Virtual Networks that branch in the clouds; load balancers to spread requests across replicated instances of an application; and VPN gateways connecting virtual networks.

Key vault

Safeguard cryptographic keys and secrets used by cloud applications and services. Create keys in minutes, and grant (and revoke) permissions on the go.

Self-service, or expert help

How do you like to work? Azure Stack by CloudCreator can be entirely self-service from beginning to end, or you can call on Revera experts to take charge.

App Service

Create and host your applications effortlessly, without the hassle of installing operating systems and configuring web-hosting software. Use App Service to compose components, such as websites and RESTful APIs, in a single solution.


Run code on demand to support a variety of events. Functions delivers server-less compute resources as they’re needed, releasing developers from infrastructure management.

SQL Database

Stand up a Microsoft SQL 2016 always-on database in minutes. Forget about managing virtual machines or SQL Server – simply provision a database in the Stack tenant portal, accessed through Revera’s multi-cloud management suite, CloudCreator.