We make getting your data back as simple as backing it up.

Get back to business quickly when data is corrupted or accidentally deleted.

Revera’s automated and self-managed backup and restoration services protect and restore your systems data.

Choose from a range of Recovery Point Objective (RPO) or Recovery Time Objective (RTO) options.

How it works

Manage services your way, or let Revera do the work. You decide.

Revera Homeland Cloud Backup/Restore as a Service is delivered from Revera’s local network of synchronised Homeland data centres.

Select and manage individual response and restoration times, connectivity, capacity, disk-to-tape options, and secure tape storage. 


No more wrestling storage devices

Think of Backup/Restore as a Service as insurance – always there, and sized to your requirements.

Make costs predictable

Cloud services make IT costs predictable, visible, and easier to control.

Tailor performance to specifc requirements

Forget about hardware duplication. Tune your service and pay for what you want protected – nothing more.


Your data lives on New Zealand’s leading cloud services platform.

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