Compute resources on your terms.

Plug in to full-featured on-demand enterprise compute environments.

Let Revera provision what you need, or use Revera Cloud Creator to build, park, and share complex multi-VM environments.

Start small, and scale up when the time’s right. It’s never been easier, or safer, to configure and activate your own VM environment.

How it works

Provision VMs as and when you need them. 

Change and share VM instances, and take charge of disk, memory, and vCPU allocation. You decide how to work. 

Delivered from Revera’s Homeland Cloud IaaS platform, Cloud Compute is underpinned by a local network of syncronised data centres. All your data and workloads are here, in New Zealand.

Revera delivers virtual machine instances and associated infrastructure resources to standard specifications. Your virtual environment is supported by fully redundant components. Adding processing power and storage to support extra workloads is quick and easy. And, in the event of physical server or component failure, all virtual server instances are configured to automatically fail over from one physical host server to another. 


Create multi-VM environments quick smart

Configure all the resources you need, or let Revera do it for you. You decide.

No more wrestling with complex IT infrastructure

Think of Revera Homeland Cloud Compute as dial tone – always there, and at your command.

Make costs predictable

Cloud services make IT costs predictable, visible, and easier to control.

Relax. Your VMs run on New Zealand’s leading cloud infrastructure platform

More than 300 organisations and government agencies rely on Revera for cloud services.

Case study

Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC)

Don't make complex IT your problem.

LIC required more fluid IT capacity to accelerate research projects, implement new products, and support a three-to-four month seasonal breeding peak.

LIC’s bovine genetic analysis demands huge processing power, which once required a suite of servers to run at 100 per cent for weeks at a time.

Now, Revera Homeland Cloud Compute does the job. LIC provisions short-term capacity, and shuffles existing capacity, to cope with the load. There are no constraints – business jumps when it must.

In the process, LIC has put more than 100 of its servers out to pasture.

Bottom line

Complex compute infrastructure isn’t your problem. Let Revera sweat the big stuff. 



Servers that currently run on Revera Homeland Cloud platforms

RAM is allocated in units of 1vGb and 10vGB.


152vGB: currently the largest VM.

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