When disaster strikes, we’ve got you covered.

Disasters disrupt business, but they needn’t disrupt business IT.

Silver-lining DR is a whole new way to reactivate systems when disaster strikes.

Instantly activate servers and applications at an alternative Revera Homeland data centre.

Forget about systems duplication costs and configuration delays.

Just get back to business.

How it works

Nominate any, or all, of your servers.

Should disaster strike, an automatic process instantly enlivens duplicate servers that carry the same identity and configuration as your production servers.


Systems and data recovery is faster

Tell us your recovery time objectives and we’ll configure your service to meet them.

Silver-lining DR is more cost-effective

Forget about hardware duplication. Tune your service and pay for what you want protected – nothing more.

Production system changes – no problem

Changes are immediately replicated at your nominated DR location. So there’s no risk of leaving new systems unprotected.

Choose your preferred DR location

Revera’s networked fleet of Homeland data centres underpins Silver-lining DR. Choose where you’d like your systems reactivated.


A single monthly fee covers RAM, storage (nominate storage tiers), replication management, and licensing.

Clients must be connected to two Revera Homeland data centres.

Silver-lining DR is based on a five-minute recovery point objective.

Case study

Ryman Health

Why DR services trump tradtional DR.

After the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, Ryman Healthcare faced a choice: rebuild its own IT infrastructure or buy on-demand IT services. IT services won.

Now, whatever happens, Ryman’s IT team dials up the services its business needs.

Even DR has been virtualised. 

Revera’s disaster recovery service Silver-lining DR activates Ryman servers and applications at an alternative Revera Homeland data centre.

System duplication costs and configuration delays are history. 

Bottom line

DR now comes without system duplication costs. That's one less thing to worry about.

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