We make getting your data back as simple as backing it up.

Now there’s an easier way to prepare for the unexpected.

Revera’s automated and self-managed backup and restoration services protect and restore your systems data.

Get back to business quickly when data is corrupted or you accidentally delete a file.

How it works

Choose between fully managed and self-managed backup and restore as a service options.

Agencies use controls to adjust individual response and restoration times, connectivity, capacity, and disk-to-tape options.

Revera Homeland Cloud Backup/Restore as a Service is delivered from Revera’s local network of synchronised Homeland data centres.

So you’re able to take advantage of multiple data centre locations, high-speed networks, and additional remote backup and availability services.

Agencies can backup (and restore) any system that runs from Revera's Homeland Government Compute environment.


No more wrestling storage devices

Think of Backup/Restore as a Service as insurance – always there, and sized to your requirements.

Make costs predictable

Cloud services make IT costs predictable, visible, and easier to control.

Match backup and restoration performance with your organisation’s requirements

Forget about hardware duplication. Tune your service and pay for what you want protected – nothing more.


Your data lives on New Zealand’s leading cloud infrastructure platform. More than 30 government agencies rely on Revera Homeland Government Cloud Backup and Restore as a Service.

Case study

Parliamentary Counsel Office

You can count on backups – that is until you really need the most recent one.

On these occasions Murphy’s Law rules supreme and, inexplicably, the last backup procedure failed. Most IT managers have been there.

For these reasons, backup is better as a service.

When automated backups run like clockwork in the background, the stress of managing people and manual processes disappears.

Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO) draws its IT capacity from Revera’s Homeland Government Cloud IaaS platform – a full-featured utility services platform available to government agencies under the Common Capability ICT Agreement.

The move has effectively refashioned PCO’s IT as on-demand services. Backups fall under this arrangement. Daily incremental and weekly full backups happen in the background. The schedule also specifies exactly when backups are copied to tape and transported to a secure remote site. The entire process is automated.

A simple pricing schedule based on storage capacity and number of agents ensures PCO’s monthly service fee reflects actual usage.

Bottom line

Like insurance, backups are back of mind – until something goes wrong. Then the real test is getting your data back.

An automated backup service provided by an IT infrastructure specialist is your best bet. 

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