Data centre services from a specialist.

Protect and deploy your IT assets inside Revera’s Homeland Government Cloud data centres.

Three Government-certified tier 2 and 3 modular Homeland data centres located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch keep options open and your IT assets within easy reach.

Choose from simple server housing and rack space options, colocation, monitoring, and service management.

Take a longer term view and target progressive systems consolidation, virtualisation, and cost savings. 

How it works

Colocation comes in different shapes and sizes. Choose yours.

Nominate supporting infrastructure, including structured cabling, rack shelves, and alternative power outlets; and network options, including load balancers, switching, firewalls, and inter-data centre WAN connectivity.

Revera's Homeland data centres satisfy government standards for geographic location (low risk of flooding, ground liquefaction and shaking; distant from CBD zone), seismic engineering, power usage effectiveness, and telco-neutral connectivity, including Cisco MPLS to synchronise data and workloads between data centres.


Make costs predictable

Cloud services make IT costs predictable, visible, and easier to control.

Turn capital investment into operating cost

Data centres are expensive and tough to manage. Leave it to the experts. Leasing a discrete slice of data centre capacity is cheaper in the long run.

Keep your assets and data safe

Revera Homeland data centres meet government standards for safety, risk management, and sustainability.

Target efficiencies

Think more than simply cost savings. The right cloud computing model makes businesses more agile and lowers risks.


Choose between three Government-certified tier 2 and 3 modular Homeland data centres located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.


Servers that currently run on Revera Homeland Cloud platforms.

600 | 800 

Racks sizes: 600 and 800 wide. Racks support core switching infrastructure with large cabling requirements.

Case study

Wellington City Council

Some things are better housed in specialist facilities.

In 2012, Wellington City Council rehoused all of its IT equipment in Revera’s Homeland ART data centre in Trentham, Wellington.

Situated in Upper Hutt, ART is a Tier-3 facility built to the TIA 942 global standard and satisfies the IL3 structural rating for withstanding earthquake shock.

Revera evaluated a score of Wellington sites and short-listed six classified as hazard-safe zones, with geo-testing confirming final selection.

The council has also tapped into Revera’s Homeland network to establish a disaster recovery environment in Revera’s Albany Homeland data centre.

Revera’s next-generation intelligent data centre network plugs WCC into advanced infrastructure services, switchable data centre locations, and synchronised data and workloads between Revera Homeland data centres. 

Bottom line

A data centre offers much more than simply additional capacity inside a safer building.

When IT is relocated to an intelligent data centre network, replicating data and systems to new locations is quick and easy.

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