Plug in to New Zealand's high-performing inter-data centre network.

Connect to Revera’s Homeland Cloud for granular control of your cloud services and infrastructure.

Revera’s next-generation intelligent data centre network is based on Cisco MPLS networking. 

Plug in to advanced infrastructure services, switchable data centre locations, and synchronised data and workloads between Revera Homeland data centres. 

How it works

Connections in every direction. 

We provide 10 Gbps (40 Gbps ready) network connections, and multiple peering links to additional internet exchanges and diverse carriers. The risk of connectivity failure is virtually zero.

Our network offers redundant network paths, network trunking, and VLANs to isolate client networks that use shared data centre infrastructure.

Dedicated firewall and security services extend to site-to-site VPNs and client-based SSL VPN.


Harness the power of a data centre fleet

Cisco MPLS networking lets you move data and workloads around the Homeland network.

No single point of failure

We work with multiple carriers and neutral internet exchanges – so you’re never at the mercy of a single carrier.

Keep your assets and data safe

Revera Homeland data centres meet government standards for safety and risk management.


Your data lives on New Zealand’s leading cloud infrastructure platform. More than 200 organisations and government agencies rely on Revera's Homeland Network.

Case study


Providing ICT services to government hinges on infrastructure integrity.

When your business is with government, you need to partner a supplier of IaaS who is vetted and approved under the government Common Capability ICT Agreement.

Wellington-based developer SilverStripe provides staging and production environments for government websites.

Their work also includes managed hosting, backup and disaster recovery.

Based on Revera’s Homeland Network, SilverStripe delivers the performance and resiliency that government agencies demand.

Multiple data centres nodes within Revera’s Homeland network underpin backup and recovery requirements, and diverse internet exchanges and carriers obviate web service outages.

Bottom line

Data centres give you options. But an intelligent data centre network gives you the flexibility to do almost anything.

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