Scale up. And down. Never pay for a single megabyte you don't use.

Government agencies require multiple storage options to match capacity and performance with changing workloads and applications.

Revera’s Homeland Government Cloud Storage spans multi-tier disk and tape environments to support Homeland Government Cloud utility compute services and colocated servers.

Pay only for the storage you use. Add or surrender capacity as you go. And take advantage of Revera’s synchronised fleet of Homeland data centres to activate replication, remote backup and availability services.

How it works

Get going with a simple cloud-based utility service.

Choose from multiple storage tiers. Nominate levels of guaranteed performance and availability, and get going with as little as five gigabytes of storage capacity.

Revera technicians pre-populate new capacity – without disrupting current service performance. In the background, an automated service protects your data according to pre-determined schedules.

Because your data lives on Revera’s Homeland Government Cloud, adding backup and business continuity services – even in remote Homeland data centres – is easy.

Data centre synchronisation and data de-duplication technology streamline the movement of data between Homeland data centres, which reduces the cost of backups and makes extended retention more affordable.

Options include tier 1, tier 2 , tier 3, and tier 4 block level storage, file level storage, backup-as-a-service, and tape storage. 


No more wrestling storage devices

Think of Revera Homeland Government Cloud Storage as an extensible storage locker – always there, and sized to your requirements.

Make costs predictable

Usage-based pricing eliminates surprises. You always know what you’re up for. And if you need a whole lot more in a hurry, dial in what you need without additional capital outlay.

Match capacity with business demand

If you're paying for capacity that you don't use, you're doing it wrong. Never buy more storage than you need.


Your data lives on New Zealand’s leading cloud services platform. More than 30 government agencies rely on Revera Homeland Government Cloud Storage.


Four tiers of block level storage.

One tier of file level storage.

Storage is allocated in five GB units.

Choose between three Government-certified tier 2 and 3 modular Homeland data centres located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Case study

Electoral Commission

Two major events loomed. How would the Commission’s IT team of two people cope?

Elections are years in the making, but the lion’s share of hard work is at the end – when votes are cast and counted. It places huge strain on IT systems, which must scale up to meet peak loads.

Two major events loomed large on the Electoral Commission’s 2013 calendar: the asset sales referendum and the Christchurch by-election.

The Commission dialled up Revera’s Homeland Cloud Storage services to support its core EMS (electoral management system) application.

On-demand enterprise storage was easier than provisioning additional storage. Trend reports showed the Commission how much they were using. And tier 1 storage guaranteed throughput that kept the EMS application running smoothly.

Both projects ran smoothly, and the Commission was able to scale back its storage requirements.

Bottom line

There are better things to do than worry about your IT’s ability to cope with peak workloads. When the busy season hits, the right on-demand services free you up to do the work that really counts.

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