Revera Vault delivers unlimited in-country cloud storage for super-sized data volumes.

Get going with Vault

Big data, no problem

Simple, cost-effective

  • Prices start at $0.06 per GB/month. Pay only for the storage you use, nothing more. There are no setup or request fees, and moving data into and out of Vault is free
  • Forget about outages. Vault's software defined object storage platform delivers 99.999999999% durability of stored objects and guarantees 99.9% platform availability
  • Rest easy knowing that your Vault data is synchronously replicated across three geo-diverse data centres

Unlimited scale

  • Vault is geared for deployments of all sizes, from 100s of terabytes to exabytes, even zettabytes
  • The size of your storage bucket is unlimited, so you'll never run out of capacity
  • Need to move or access data? No problem. Vault supports major interfaces, including S3 and REST
  • Access your Vault data via a locality-aware unlimited global namespace. Create multiple namespaces with unique attributes and policies

Extreme efficiency

  • Vault uses 60% less capacity than traditional replicated systems and delivers the same or better Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), and 10,000 times higher data durability
  • Patented technology performs continuous data integrity audits and repair, with no degradation of performance or data access

At work

Revera Vault explained in a short video. BIG DATA, NO PROBLEM. Store trillions of objects and petabytes, or even exabytes of data in New Zealand's unbreakable storage cloud, Vault.

Vault Explainer Video


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