Business is changing. How will your systems cope?

Revera’s Homeland Managed Services cover outsourced processes and service delivery. 

When clients are free of complex underlying systems, support processes, and infrastructure, they’re able to put more attention to business, and do more of the work that helped them to grow in the first place.

Revera’s people don’t just go through the motions.

When we take responsibility of your managed services, we ask three questions: How can we make them more predictable? How can we improve the service experience? And what new capabilities will make your business smarter?

How it works

We watch, listen, and act. 

What we offer:

Service Desk 24/7: monitor and heal system elements, manage incident resolution, and fulfil service requests

Platform management: manage client servers provisioned from our Homeland Cloud Compute platform. Services include operating system support, patching, and security updates. We also provide full server management, with first-level operating system and named application support

Network management: maintain network performance. We also make networks cheaper to manage

Service management: follow ITIL v3 (maturity level 4) service management framework

Full outsourcing: manage the lot, including infrastructure, platforms, applications and desktops and devices. Tell us what you need and we will deliver it


Predictable IT costs

The right IT service management engagement lets you scale services up and down – so you only pay for what you use

Experts on your case

We service hundreds of clients. To do the job well we’ve developed teams of experts who work in high-stakes IT environments

Continuous improvement

We constantly refresh our own platforms and work closely with vendors to keep our experts across new technology and process improvements. Revera clients directly benefit from our investment

Rapid response

We have the people and systems to put more eyes and hands on your systems. It means we’re close to the action and resolve issues faster



We don’t make massive promises. However, in our experience, managed service contracts deliver between 15 and 40 per cent net savings.


Revera’s Homeland Network operations centre service desk is manned by a team of service desk agents, 24/7.


Servers that currently run on Revera Homeland Cloud platforms.

Revera’s nationwide fleet of six modular Homeland data centres adheres to TIA942 and Uptime Institute tier standards.

Case study

Arthritis New Zealand

Is there a budget that isn’t being squeezed?

IT budgets are under more scrutiny than most. So imagine the pressure on IT managers in voluntary organisations, which rely on fundraising and modest government funding to do their work.

Arthritis New Zealand put IT under the microscope and decided managed IT services made good financial sense. They got down to work with Revera.

Revera Homeland Managed Services have changed capital costs to a predictable monthly fee.

Managing an IT services contract is easier than managing complex IT. It makes things more predictable and frees up people to do more valuable work. 

Granular controls scale the organisation's IT services up and down to support peak demands and special projects - so they never pay for unused capacity.

Along with core virtual server infrastructure, Arthritis New Zealand draws on application and server management, patching and updates, storage and network security services.

Everything works, and everybody knows what to expect.

Money well spent.

Bottom line

Predictability is underrated.  

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