API documentation

The power and scale of our clouds, defined by your code.

With the scale and power of the Revera Homeland and Apollo clouds comes vast possibilities. And sometimes the best way to do things at scale is with code & scripts.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide interfaces for our customers to drive our infrastructure using the scripting tools of their choice, such as Chef or Puppet.

Whether it’s automating the powering on & off of development workloads overnight to save money, scaling your production servers, or integrating your own DevOps Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment processes with the Revera Cloud, we have got you covered with secure access to programmatically provision and scale workloads.

Do more Dev & less Ops.

Azure Stack by CloudCreator APIs

Revera’s Azure Enabled Azure Stack by CloudCreator platform supports Microsoft's existing PowerShell packs for scripting Microsoft Azure taks. No need to learn a whole new API, Azure Stack by CloudCreator is API consistent with Microsoft Azure.

Azure Stack by CloudCreator customers can drive the platform programmatically to save time with development and testing, automating the creation of consistent environments repeatedly, enabling more consistent and faster testing and deployment.

To learn more visit our Azure Stack by CloudCreator documentation here.  

Homeland Cloud APIs

Revera’s core homeland cloud platform can also be driven via APIs based on the industry stand VMware vCloud Director platform.

As with our Azure Stack by CloudCreator platform, our Homeland customers can securely configure our platform programmatically with the tools of their choice. Whether you're scaling workloads up & down, or powering dev workloads off overnight, our APIs are a powerful way to make our cloud work for you.