Big data, no problem. Store trillions of objects and petabytes of data in New Zealand’s unbreakable storage cloud - from just $0.06 per GB/month.

Keeping big data close to home has never been easier – or as cost effective. Get going with Vault from just $0.06 per GB/month.


Easy upload
and download

Safeguard your data in Vault’s storage buckets and use the Vault web console to create and manage your accounts.

Easy upload <br>and download


With exabytes of capacity and limitless scalability, Revera Vault is the simple, cost-effective storage cloud for any type of unstructured data – images, videos, audio, documents, and more.

monetization_on Low cost

Prices start at $0.06 per GB/month. Pay only for the storage you use – nothing more. There’s no setup or request fees, and moving data into and out of Vault is free.

vpn_key Simple access

Leave data management to the experts. Vault securely manages your data for as long as you need it. Use Vault’s web console to configure accounts, and monitor usage.

home Local

Vault delivers the scale and durability of offshore storage services, like Amazon S3, from Revera’s Homeland Cloud.

filter_drama Geo-dispersed cloud storage

Vault is hosted in three data centres around New Zealand, so you are always backed up. Store any type of unstructured data at exabyte scale.


Offload the heavy lifting of data management. Use massively-scalable object storage for unstructured data. File storage does the job for distributed, cross-platform file systems.

Amazon S3 compatible

Take advantage of Vault’s compatibility with Amazon’s S3 connector to store application data, or use Vault as backup target for a wide range of storage management software. Vault’s CloudCreator console lets you manage your Vault accounts effectively. Easy uploads and downloads occur through API or a third party.


Vault is offered from three local certified data centres. Vault data is encrypted in transit and at rest, using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit, compliant to NZISM security standards.

Unbreakable durability

Vault’s patented self-healing Bitspread® technology delivers unbreakable durability at greater than 11 nines. And with GeoSpread, your data is always there, even if one of our data centres is destroyed. That’s pretty amazing compared to RAID and a must have for big data.

Infinite scale

Vault’s intelligent architecture automatically scales performance and capacity. Performance scales linearly with algorithms optimised for CPUs running in purpose-built hardware. The system is ideal for deployments of all sizes, from 100s of terabytes to exabytes to zettabytes.

Fast recovery, better performance

Vault uses up to 60% less capacity than traditional replicated systems and delivers better Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), and higher data durability. Patented BitDynamics technology performs continuous data integrity audit and repair, with no degradation in performance or access to the data.

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